So happy you are here... here's a little into my Why!

I am honoured that you are taking the time to explore my page. Here is a little bit more about myself and my journey.

I was born in the USA and after traveling for a few years in my early 20's, I transplanted myself to Perth, Western Australia, which has been my home for the past 13 years. I am proud mother to my son Noah, who is now 6 and definitely my biggest teacher!


I am passionate about teaching yoga and meditation and have been doing so for over 10 years. I am also passionate about travelling and exploring new places. Whilst travelling the world, I had the opportunity to study with some amazing yoga, movement and meditation teachers. I am a registered level 2 Yoga teacher with Yoga Australia, qualified to teach vinyasa, pre- and postnatal yoga, kids’ yoga and meditation. I am also a certified Mindful Birth teacher. 


I love moving my body and exploring mindfully through movement to connect with my 'Inner Knowing' and 'Light,' my 'True Authentic Self.' 


In my ‘past life’, as I call it, I was working in the finance industry. To say the least, I was unhappy with the daily grind and working in a field I was not passionate about. Hence after a few years, I decided to leave this path and follow my dream of becoming a yoga teacher. In 2009, I started studying at the Yoga Space in Perth and began my journey of becoming a yoga teacher. And what a wonderful journey it has been. Along the way, I have studied with many teachers, gaining deeper knowledge and experience about yoga, meditation, dance and movement.


For me, motherhood has been one of my biggest teachers in life—a chance to discover my inner strength on a path of deep discovery.


My motherhood journey began before Noah. In 2009, I was pregnant with my first child, Zara. At 41 weeks, she was born still. Whilst this is something I would not wish on anyone, through this experience I have grown so much as a person. Stillbirths and infant losses are more common than we think. It is so important for women and families to know that they do not have to suffer alone. This is why I have also created a platform to help women and families navigate this time of grief and loss. For more information - .


My journey has inspired me to share what I love and what has helped me so much over the years, to create my online programs, to help women during the pre- and postnatal period and to better understand the importance of slowing down and understanding myself on a deeper level.


Through consciously slowing down and practicing regular meditation and mindful movements, we begin to connect with ourselves and our true essence. Through this exploration and understanding of ourselves, we can begin to live a fuller more enriched life.