What's the Rush? {Video}

While I was on a holiday in the Mediterranean, I noticed how the lifestyle was different. Things went slower, priorities were different, there was a focus on quality of life. 

I started to ponder ways I could simplify my life, go even slower and focus on my quality of life.

Somethings I came up with: 

🚙 Walk and ride my bike more 🥗 Really celebrate food and make sure to eat slowly and enjoy with love and gratitude  😴 Rest regularly - even just for 10-15 min, where I do nothing  🙅‍♀️ Make sure to say no when I need to, our time is precious, it is ok to say no! 🌳 Nature nature and more nature! 👀 Look at ways I can prevent rushing

I then remembered a video I had done in the beginning of the year about RUSHING.

Check it out ⬇️⬇️⬇️

There seems to be a whole lotta rushing in our daily lives... we rush to get out of the house to school, to work, back home, rush to cook dinner, rush from experience to experience! In an A- HA moment, I realised that rushing is a habitual pattern. We are so used to rushing that even when we don’t need to we still do! 

With any pattern we can change it. When we rush we are usual in a stress state, anxious and overwhelmed, even fearful, but what if we changed gears, changed perspective.

I truly feel it is so important to start to slow down, take some time for ourselves, whatever way it might be for you - meditation, yoga, breathing, walk in nature. Explore ourselves, start to see our patterns, like when we are rushing. Then we can start to shift those patterns, start to bring more and more mindfulness and awareness into our daily life!


Love and Light,


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