'Ground Control' - Staying Grounded During the Holidays {Practice}!

The silly season is approaching and it is a time that things can get a little hectic, overwhelming and actually downright stressful. We are winding up for the year, there are deadlines to meet, parties to go to and things to organise for the holidays. Not to mention that this can be an emotional time of the year too.

I get easily ungrounded, so these tips are something I practice regularly, but even more so when I have lots going on.

When I feel my nervous system activated or I am feeling a little anxious, I make sure to take extra time during the day to calm myself and get grounded. It just takes doing a few things regularly to help with the chaos of the holidays and maintain a more calm and grounded awareness.

Here are my fave 'ground control’ tips:

1. Breathe - the breath is an easy and quick way to get into our parasympathetic nervous system, our rest and digest state and we can do it at any time of the day, even in the car or at the office. Taking a couple minutes to consciously breathe, can make a world of a difference. Here are my go to breathing practices - 1.) breath count 1-10 (breathe in 1 out 2, in 3 out 4, all way to 10 and repeat as many times as you like), 2.) equal inhale and exhale (2-7 count, again as many times as you need, I like to do at least 7 -10 rounds).

2. Get your feet on the earth - get outdoors, sit in the sunshine, go to the beach, enjoy a walk in the park. Being in nature and in the fresh air is my fave way to unwind and get grounded.

3. Remember it is ok to say 'no' - during the holidays, we usually have more commitments than usual, while there will be some that we are unable to to turn down, try to cut out the unnecessary things and don't be afraid to ask for help!

4. Take time out daily (even a couple times a day) - put the phone away, drink some tea, listen to music, meditate or maybe just do nothing!

5. Move the body - do some yoga, go for a walk, dance. Moving the body can help us move that nervous energy out and we can help bring our awareness into the moment, not worrying about all the things we need to do.

I do love a gentle grounding yoga practice, when I am feeling out of sorts. Here is a sequence I like to do, when I have some time during the day and feel like I need extra grounding.

I hope you enjoy.

Remember ... be kind to yourself, you have just made it to the end of the year! Also in these last weeks of the year, take time to reflect. It is so powerful to reflect on what has happened during the year. Many times we brush over our successes, we tend to focus on what is next or what didn't go right. Let’s not forget to celebrate all the things we did - the things that went awesome, not so awesome and that we made it through the year!

Look forward to share more with you in 2020!

Love and Light,


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