Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Do you know the feeling of being 'switched on'?

For me, the feeling of being 'switched on' is when my nervous system is activated. It can be a slight activation, a nervous, anxious feeling to a more intense, overwhelming, stressful feeling.

When Noah wakes me up in the morning demanding breakfast, we are running late for school or I have a deadline to meet, my nervous system starts to get activated. Many times my system can be activated the whole day, especially when I am going from one thing to the next with no chance to slow down or take time out.

When this happens, it means that we are in our sympathetic nervous system, the flight or fight response, and actually secreting adrenaline. If this is happening every once and awhile, it would be ok, but I would say for most of us this more common occurrence than not.

If we were an animal in the forest being chased by a predator, we would secrete adrenaline to get out of the situation and find safety. What animals do after this, is shake it off, literally shake their bodies, then sleep. This helps to release the adrenaline and come back to a normal, more calm state. If we don't do something to come back to this state, we can stay 'switched on.'

Check out this video ⬇️⬇️⬇️, where I dive a bit deeper on this topic and tips on what I do to help switch off.

Being 'switched on' and secreting adrenaline can have a massive impact on our over all wellbeing - sleep patterns, digestion, mood and more.

What I found to be helpful and really necessary, is to take mini breaks/conscious pauses during the day. When you start to feel or notice being anxious or stressed, take a break, deep breaths (so powerful), meditate, go outside for a moment. This can really help to switch out of this state and it does not have to be long!

Also a regular mindful practice helps. I know it can be challenging to fit time into the day to practice, this is why I have created Daily Dose of Slow: Tools to Optimise Your Day. In this 5-day online program, you receive micro tools of yoga, meditation and breathing practices in your inbox each day. Check it out here for more details.

Stayed tuned over the next months, I will be interviewing some beautiful women with more tips on how to help, slow down, switch off and take care of ourselves - body, mind and spirit.

Have a beautiful day and look forward to share more with you soon!

Love and light,


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